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Trusted by over 5 million people every day to protect their families and homes.

LEARN MORE is trusted by over 5 million people to protect their homes and businesses.

We are proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and work relentlessly every day to earn that trust.

"I found the system powerful and easy to use. I especially liked the way the system’s components work together."
"One of the coolest integrations we saw was all the smart home stuff you can control through Just a few taps and you can keep tabs on your house from anywhere."
Dedicated Connection systems communicate even if the phone or cable line is cut, power is out or the Internet or broadband is down.

Keeping your family and home secure is Job 1. Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, systems have a dedicated connection.

Internet or broadband down? No problem. Power outage? We've got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection.

You can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection.

Proactive Safeguards

If there’s an emergency, we’re one step ahead.

Smoke or carbon monoxide detected? We shut down the heat or AC to stop circulation of dangerous fumes and send a signal to emergency personnel.


With, you can easily set rules so that your home responds automatically in an emergency to keep you safe.

Your home’s key devices, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, as well as your heating and AC system, are wirelessly connected to the security panel.

More sensors communicating with each other creates a smarter system that protects your family in an emergency.

Working For You 24/7

What time did my teenager get home?

Did I forget to close the garage door when I left today?

Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, lets you know what’s happening at your property at any time.

It’s easy to set your own alerts and reminders which means you’ll be notified of any activity you care about, whether your system is armed or not.

What People Are Saying

"Peace of mind is priceless."
"I would 100% recommend"
"It's why my dogs are alive today."


Image Sensor

See what’s happening when motion is detected at home.’s wireless Image Sensor takes a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you – day or night. Customize your rules to receive image alerts for any activity you care about - see who disarmed the system, or what’s happening in an alarm event.

Licensed and Authorized Security Professionals systems are installed and serviced by Authorized Security Experts. Backed by a network of professional security dealers, you have the freedom to work with the Dealer of your choice.

24/7 Emergency Response

Licensed Central Station Monitoring ensures professional Emergency Response for alarms or fire. In an emergency, you can even speak directly to an emergency responder through your security panel, using two-way voice.

Proven Solutions builds technology you can trust. With over a decade of experience delivering security solutions, award-winning and patented technology, and millions of users, you can be confident in your choice.