Dads, Here Are Five Ways A Smart Home Helps You Relax

"Were you born in a barn? Quit cooling the neighborhood! You think money grows on trees?"

Do you remember these old-school Dad quotes? And cringing as Dad reeled them off?

But... now that some of us are dads ourselves, we totally get it.

Just like Dad, we want to protect our families, homes and resources. Unlocked doors can let intruders in. Open windows make managing our homes more expensive with higher AC bills. That money doesn't grow on trees, you know.

At least we can have it easier today, thanks to smarter home security technology. Here are some ways that helps you, the modern Dad, worry less.

I don't think I secured the house properly…

Nothing nags a dad like the thought of a door left unlocked at night, or the garage door being left open when you all go out to eat. A Smart Home eliminates this worry in two ways.

First, it's easy to check the status of your smart locks and garage door through your smartphone app, no matter where you are. If you left something open, you can lock it remotely.

Second, your smart home can remind you when you forget. Our Geo-Services feature will let you know when you leave home without securing it properly. Leave your garage door open and you'll get a smartphone alert with a ‘close' button on it. One tap, and you're worry-free.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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We're cooling the whole neighborhood…

You can't stop your kids leaving the door open with the AC running… but you can stop the energy wastage.

Our new Smart Thermostat guards your energy bills with an auto shut-off feature that automatically sets the temperature back when a door or window is left open for a certain time. It even sends you a smartphone alert so you know to close the door. When you do, the AC starts again.

We'll have to change the locks now…

Lost door keys are a headache and a security risk. And if you have teens, you know it happens.

You'll never replace a lock again with an smart lock on your front door. You can create your own 4-digit code and then change it as often as you like. You can even create individual codes for everyone in the house, with automatic smartphone alerts that tell you when your kids arrive home.

Burglars will see that no one's home…

It's a worry leaving your home unoccupied, especially on vacations and weekend trips.

Our smart lighting schedules make your house look realistically occupied when you're done. You can set your lights to come on at a certain time every day, or at a slightly randomized time for extra realism. You can even have them come on automatically at sunset.

If a break-in does happen while you're gone, help will be on the way, thanks to our 24-7 professional monitoring. Trained security professionals assess the situation in an alarm event, and can dispatch emergency responders to the scene.

I don't have time to install all of this…

Take it easy, Dad – our smart home security technology comes professionally installed and configured by our expert service providers so you can upgrade to a smart home in very little time. You can choose a pre-configured DIY system or have a technician take care of it all. And, if something ever goes wrong, you won't waste a weekend troubleshooting: our service providers will help take care of it.

To find out more (and relax more), click here to connect with a local dealer. And have a great Father's Day!

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