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Enterprise Wellness Solutions

Redefine the care experience for residents with intelligent population management and community oversight.

Enterprise Wellness

Discover the future of connected care.

The future of connected care

Enterprise Wellness is an innovative, proactive caregiving tool for communities and homes that protects residents’ wellbeing and helps your staff deliver timely, personalized care.

Unlike traditional devices, it monitors residents’ living space in real time for daily activity, quality of life issues and emergencies, using non-intrusive sensors connected to’s cloud platform.

With advanced analytics that alert to non-routine activity and emerging issues, Enterprise Wellness helps improve care and efficiency.

Deliver the highest level of care

Keep staff ahead of emergent health problems with intelligent analytics that flag changes in routines. Enterprise Wellness helps deliver low-cost early intervention and avoids costly, reactive urgent care.

Enhance operational efficiency

Monitor multiple clients on a single dashboard to help prioritize care. Wellness increases staff efficiency with campus-wide awareness, notifications, unexpected activity alerts and two-way communication.

Protect and grow your business

Increase occupancy with differentiated care amenities, and reduce move-outs with expandable add-ons for greater needs. OTA updates and a flexible, scalable platform ensure that your investment is future-proof.

Customers who use our technology

A new model for home-based care partnered with Show Me Systems LLC and 2getherTECH to support providers who participate in government-funded waiver programs to offer affordable services for people who prefer to get long-term care in their home rather than in an institutional setting.

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