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Light Industrial Solutions

From 1,000 square feet facilities to 25,000 square feet warehouses, our unified commercial security platform can meet the needs of any light industrial business.

Keep Track of What Matters Most

While every industrial business is unique, many share similar operational challenges. From manufacturing to construction, priorities include liability issues, asset tracking, inventory loss, employee supervision, and quality assurance. for Business has the technology to address these issues and our professionally installed and monitored business security cameras integrate seamlessly with the system, making it easier to keep track of what matters most.

Employees come to work late or leave early about 7.5 times per year, costing industrial businesses roughly $1,500 per incident per year.¹

Oversee Employee Productivity

From the app or website, oversee entire warehouse production lines and workspaces to ensure employees are completing their daily tasks in a timely manner. Grant or remove employee access to confidential business and property information at any time.

Control Liability Concerns and Hazard Risks

Monitor employees working with hazardous machinery and ensure they’re wearing proper protective equipment with 24/7 video surveillance plus business security cameras.

Track Deliveries and Manage Vendors

Capture deliveries with 24/7 surveillance and give restricted card access to loading bays remotely from the app.

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access, video, and more. essential systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control with less onsite infrastructure to maintain. Use our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces to streamline smarter management of your industrial security and operations systems.

Nearly 65% of industrial businesses want alerts in real time to draw attention to unexpected activity.²



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