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Get personal with your safety

A people-based product line for the whole family that provides connectedness and personal safety anywhere.

Safety Button

Whether you’re home or walking around late at night, help is available when you need it. Safety Button is a smarter, more advanced way to connect to police, fire, or emergency medical help when you need it. Just hold the button and release to either cancel the event or connect with a professional operator.

Know they're safe

Is Mom up and about? Did Dad leave the house today?'s innovative Wellness solutions give you an easy way to know.

Wellness uses a system of non-intrusive sensors throughout the home to alert you when meaningful activity does, or doesn’t, happen.

Get an alert if the medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened by a specified time every day.

Know instantly if an exterior door is opened at night, or at an unusual time.

Know if your loved one isn't moving around their home during the daytime.

One step ahead

Many wellbeing issues are hard to detect initially. Wellness can help spot them by alerting you to unusual activity or subtle changes in routine.

  • Wandering: Dad’s bed sensor indicates that he’s been out of bed since 2:00 AM.
  • Appetite: Mom’s refrigerator door sensor has been opened less than usual this week.
  • Inactivity: Dad’s chair sensor indicates that he’s sitting down longer and getting up less.

A smart home is a safe home

Protect your loved one with a home that responds to their needs. You can include automatic lights for safety, a smart thermostat for comfort, locks that alert you if a door isn't secured, and much more.

Smart Home Solutions

Ready to go?'s Wellness technology is sold, installed and serviced by licensed service providers near you.

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