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K-12 Security Solutions

From standalone elementary school buildings to complex high school campuses, our unified commercial security platform meets the security needs of any K-12 school system.

Keep Track of What Matters Most

Public or private, rural or urban, every K-12 school shares a top priority: keeping students safe. Through access control, 24/7 video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other tools, our commercial security system helps schools create a safe learning environment. for Business has the technology to address these issues and more, so you can keep track of what matters most at your school.

76% of K-12 schools report that having the capability to automatically lock school doors in the event of an emergency is very appealing. 71% say the same about using alerts to warn staff.¹

Plan for the Unexpected

React immediately to any unusual activity—quickly inform key personnel, secure the building, and ensure everyone is safe.

Alert teachers and other staff of intruders or unauthorized persons on campus, and quickly lock all smart locks with electronic access control—all with a single app.

Ensure Student Safety

Monitor school grounds, including after-school activity spaces and parking lots, with a 24/7 business surveillance system that helps ensure students stay on campus and unauthorized visitors stay out.

You can also set virtual tripwires so that you will be notified when anyone enters or exits the property perimeter.

Maintain School Property

It’s easy to notify facilities staff and key administrative personnel in real time to keep school buildings and classrooms, expensive equipment, and students secure.

Rely on a security system that detects smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and temperature changes. You can find out immediately if temperatures in computer labs, laboratories, cafeterias, or server rooms exceed a set range with the temperature monitoring system.

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access, video, and more. essential systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control with less equipment to maintain. Use our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces to streamline smarter management of your school’s security and operations system.

73% of K-12 schools find it very valuable to be able to use video cameras to monitor in and around the school.²



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