to provide 'Severe Weather Alerts' announced Tuesday that it is making Severe Weather Alerts a part of its service offering to customers.

According to a statement, the company tracks severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service and then relays those alerts in real-time to customers via their security control panel.

Vivint, a Utah-based alarm firm and partner, deployed severe weather alerts throughout their customer base earlier this spring.

During a recent tornado outbreak in the Midwest, the company was able to send these alerts to customers that had the company's Go!Control panel. According to Josh Houser, vice president of service at Vivint, customers in the affected areas indicated that these severe weather alerts went out nearly five minutes before the town's tornado sirens sounded.

"Our goal is to use innovative technology to improve the safety and security of people and their property. With Severe Weather Alerts we recognized a very valuable way to leverage our capability of having the security system in the home be connected with external events like severe weather conditions," said CEO, Steve Trundle. "By developing new capabilities like Severe Weather Alerts we strive to give people more time to react and help reduce the number of people harmed during these unfortunate events."

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