's Wellcam comes to CES 2019 to watch over your loved ones

Home security company offers video doorbells and a variety of smart home security products to its subscribers. Here at CES, is focusing on caring for loved ones outside your own home with the Wellcam. wellcam
The Wellcam is a smart video camera that connects to Wi-Fi, allowing subscribers to extend their security service into the home of a loved one who needs monitoring.

The Wellcam's 180-degree field of view and 1080p resolution let you keep an eye on things, while two-way audio calls and live video allow caregivers to check in through the mobile app. A call-out button on the Wellcam allows the user to reach out for help without a smartphone.

You can also capture video clips with the Wellcam and set alerts for when something doesn't seem right. The Wellcam does not use facial recognition and there isn't currently a privacy mode for users to block the camera, other than unplugging it. The subscriber can check in on the camera feed at any time.

The Wellcam is available now and prices may vary by dealer, but typically range between $250 and $350.

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