Children should get their first cellphone at age 12, new research says

Does your child have a cellphone? New research shows your child should be ready for his or her first cellphone when they are 12 years old.

That's according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of smart home technology brand

Two thousand parenting experts — aka moms — were surveyed.

The survey chose to ask moms because, according to, moms are typically the parent in charge with 78% of those polled saying they'll be the primary decision-maker on whether or not their child is ready for a cellphone or any other ‘first,' for that matter.

As far as why moms chose the age of 12 for cell phones: The research showed they should be packing their own lunch by that age, walking to the bus stop and completing school projects on their own.

At age 13, they'll be ready to earn their own money, and stay home alone.

Other firsts, according to the study: use the internet (with supervision) at age 9; dress themselves at age 7; pack their own lunch at age 11; and wash and fold their own clothes at age 12.

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