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ISC West 2024: Unveils Remote Video Monitoring Console with Advanced Deterrence Measures, Shooter Detection Systems, and More expands proactive security capabilities with new Sunflower Labs Autonomous Security Drone, Outdoor Floodlight Talkdown Camera, VizBlinder, and Shooter Detection Systems

TYSONS, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- At ISC West, (Nasdaq: ALRM) will present new proactive security technologies, including advanced deterrence measures and gunshot detection solutions. These new capabilities demonstrate’s commitment to expanding security through innovations that help prevent crime, speed emergency response, and save lives.

“Our newest product lineup has significantly enhanced the ability of security systems to detect and deter criminal activity,” said Dan Kerzner, President, Platforms Business at “In addition, we remain focused on innovating to streamline operational complexity for home and business owners, as well as the service providers who protect them. By designing our products to work seamlessly together on a unified platform, we are able to provide richer contextual information about suspicious activity as well as a more comprehensive array of deterrence measures.”

Remote Video Monitoring Console: Stop Crimes Before They Happen will launch the Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) Console, a powerful system that enables central station operators to offer round-the-clock concierge video monitoring and proactive defense services to customers with Video Analytics cameras. Operators are alerted immediately when a person or vehicle enters a restricted area, and can use the RVM Console to assess the situation and intervene through system hardware onsite, including by talking down through cameras.

“Typical remote video monitoring solutions are disjointed and involve components from multiple providers, but our Remote Video Monitoring Console delivers a truly end-to-end solution that’s accessible and practical for a broader market,” said Brian Lohse, General Manager, for Business. “’s unified software platform drives not only the cameras and hardware at a property, but also the video analytics and the central station interface – eliminating the need for service providers to install separate gateways. The result is a superior, privacy-centric customer experience for home and business owners, streamlined operations for providers, and more data and control for central station operators.” will also unveil new products that pair seamlessly with the Remote Video Monitoring Console, providing additional ways to engage and deter trespassers, such as flashing lights, sounds, drone deployment, and even generation of room-filling white haze.

Sunflower Labs Autonomous Security Drone: Provide Aerial Guard Service has also partnered with Sunflower Labs to launch an autonomous outdoor security drone solution for larger commercial or residential properties. System sensor activity and Video Analytics trigger the drone to deploy and investigate suspicious events, covering 10 acres in 90 seconds. The drone provides aerial awareness for property owners and central station operators and serves as an effective deterrence measure by alerting intruders that they’re under surveillance.

“We are a long-time service provider and are thrilled to offer the Sunflower Labs autonomous security drone to our customers with large properties and exacting security needs,” said Richard Ginsburg, Chief Executive Officer of ACS Security and Alert360. “The security drone can cover more ground and reach disturbances faster than a human security guard – so it’s a cost-effective way to complement and augment a traditional guard service.”

Outdoor Floodlight Camera and VizBlinder: Engage and Deter Trespassers

The new Outdoor Floodlight Camera features 4MP video and Two-Way Talkdown, plus 3,000 Lumen floodlights for customizable lighting options for homes and small- to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, the floodlight can automatically respond to threats when unwanted visitors or vehicles are detected, activating red and blue warning lights and playing warning sounds from a powerful siren.

For indoor threat deterrence, is releasing the VizBlinder, which quickly fills a room with a visibility-obscuring white haze that prevents criminals from proceeding with their activity. Central station operators can deploy the VizBlinder as an escalation measure after engaging with trespassers via cameras.

Shooter Detection Systems Powered by Reduce Response Time and Save Lives

Additionally, further expands its commercial offering with the Shooter Detection Systems indoor gunshot sensor, which speeds response times during an active shooter incident. The new end-to-end solution instantly detects gunshots, sends alerts to facilities administrators, and provides first responders with critical information and situational awareness.

The SDS sensor uses dual-authentication technology to identify the acoustic and infrared signature of a gunshot with an accuracy rate of less than 1 false alert per 5 million hours of use. Gunshot signals are automatically forwarded to the platform and a central station is alerted within seconds, ensuring law enforcement arriving on scene know precisely where in the building the incident was detected.

Each of these new solutions, as well as others including Commercial Connected Fleet, the Pro Series PoE Doorbell, and more, will be on display during the ISC West show in Las Vegas. Attendees are invited to visit at booth #16039 for live demonstrations of seven products and services on April 10 and 11, 2024. systems are professionally installed and monitored within US and Canada, and are available in select international markets. For more information on the broader ecosystem of products and services, visit

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