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Pro Series

Our Most Advanced Cameras Yet

Whether you’re protecting a single warehouse or a nationwide chain of storefronts, our newest Pro Series commercial video surveillance solutions have you covered. With the app and flexible storage options, you can access live or recorded videos anywhere, anytime.

Commercial cameras that do more

Our NDAA compliant* Pro Series cameras use a wide range of intelligent features for commercial applications, including:

  • Key operational insights with Business Activity Analytics
  • 4MP High-Resolution Recording to SVR
  • HDR and WDR video for enhanced image clarity and detail
  • Motorized varifocal lens options for greater install flexibility.

Dome models

Capture what’s going on inside your business 24/7 with high quality video from our fixed lens and varifocal 2MP Dome cameras. Their small form factors allow them to be discreetly placed in or around your business.

Bullet and Turret models

Our commercial-grade PoE Bullet, Mini-Bullet, and Turret cameras help you maintain full property and perimeter awareness with high quality resolution and superior night vision capabilities.

Local storage

The Commercial Stream Video Recorder is engineered to store and play up to 24TB of video with HDMI-enabled live view and playback.’s CSVR is ideal for businesses that need a professional, 24/7 local video storage solution.

Business Activity Analytics

Manage your business strategically with Business Activity Analytics, an intelligent feature that allows you to track the movement of people in and around your business.

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Multiple locations, one view

The Enterprise Dashboard enables you to organize multiple locations into a hierarchy of groups, share footage quickly, and access live video streams.

Managers or owners can create groups for:

  • A single location—cameras at one store in Virginia
  • A state or region—cameras at all northeast stores
  • A type of camera—all front door cameras
  • Type and location—front door cameras at California offices
  • Select cameras equipped with Perimeter Guard™ capabilities that proactively deter unwanted visitors using the camera's powerful speaker and microphone**

Get for Business for Business technology is professionally installed and serviced by commercial business security experts. They will make sure whether it’s one or many locations, your business is taken care of.

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*Exclusive VC727P and VC728PF feature.