5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Business Security

Is commercial security monitoring keeping you up at night? If so, you’re in good company. From sole proprietors to Fortune 500 CEOs, the need for smarter business security has never been more apparent. Some operators want to expand or revamp their existing systems, while others are seeking solutions for the first time.

But how do you get started? Here are some things to consider before you speak with a service provider:

1. Why am I evaluating my business security needs?

Now more than ever, businesses across all industries are rethinking the way they protect their property, employees, and visitors. Some are seeking peace of mind after a break-in or other security issue. Others are concerned about current events, making operations more efficient, or keeping track of when employees arrive or depart. And many are simply interested in the possibilities beyond intrusion detection, such as keyless entry and commercial access control.

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2. What type of environment am I trying to protect?

Your security needs depend on your business environment and how people move through it. From retail to restaurants, K-12 schools, medical practices, offices, warehouses, and more—they all have overlapping sets of needs outside of the traditional alarm system. Commercial access control. Video surveillance. Activity alerts. Temperature management. Perimeter detection. From high-traffic spaces where employees and customers interact to climate-controlled environments with no room for error, smarter business security starts with a clear picture of the “who” and “what.”

3. Who (and what) do I need to protect or keep track of?

Keeping your premises and employees safe from intruders is just the start. You may have other visitors you want to protect, from hungry customers to sick patients or eager sales reps. Maybe you have temperature-sensitive equipment, outbuildings outside the reach of wi-fi, or a server room that should only be accessed by experts. Or possibly your energy bills are climbing despite your efforts to keep people from adjusting the thermostat. Configured to your needs, Alarm.com smart business security can help with all of these scenarios by setting up business smart locks, commercial access control, business alarm monitoring and more.

4. What are my privacy concerns?

If you’re in a heavily regulated field or are in a business with heightened privacy concerns, compliance is key – and you may not be aware of the risks associated with DIY solutions. Alarm.com for Business has a comprehensive security and privacy program that protects customer data and production environments better than other business alarm monitoring companies. From vetted hardware to data backups to properly trained personnel, security is at the core of everything we do.

5. Could I use an extra set of hands to manage all this?

We can answer that for you – yes, absolutely. You don’t need to be an IT pro or add “security expert” to the growing list of roles you play at work. Our Authorized Service Providers are here to talk through your needs, help you decide whether to start small or start with it all, and install and configure the business security system to your satisfaction. And they’ll always be here to help.

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