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Protect Your Home with a Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are used to control the temperature of your home; however, a smart home thermostat can also do so much more!’s smart thermostats are integrated with smart home security technology – with machine learning, proactive safeguards, and whole-home intelligence. Smart home thermostats can detect and respond to common home maintenance problems before they cascade into big-ticket home repairs or system failures – and that’s in addition to some advanced energy-saving and precision comfort qualities.

Implementing a smart home thermostat can help you protect even more. 

Protecting your HVAC system

A faulty HVAC system or furnace is one of the most common emergency home repairs, typically happening when you need it most and when technicians are at their busiest.'s machine-learning technology proactively monitors your HVAC system, alerting you early to trouble conditions so you can avoid cascading equipment failures, a freezing home, or costly off-hour emergency repairs.

Protecting your home's environment

Our thermostat with humidity control can communicate with temperature sensors, which also monitor humidity, be placed in different rooms, and help combat the formation of mold throughout your entire home.

Mold can form in a range of climates, can cause health issues, and typically costs several thousand dollars to clean up. That’s why intelligently balances humidity and temperature set points to help keep your home environment comfortable for your family but inhospitable to mold.

Protecting your wallet

With whole-home intelligence from the security system, our Energy Star Smart Thermostat understands what's going on and can spot more opportunities to save energy.

It can set back to save energy based on your system's arming status, Places, and even when it detects an open window or door—no more paying to heat the neighborhood!

Protecting your family's comfort

Our thermostat's remote temperature sensors make it easy to optimize your home's temperature to any room at a specific time. You can install a temperature sensor in your master bedroom for perfect comfort at night or in your baby's nursery for naptime. Assign control to the sensor, and will optimize your home's temperature to target that specific room.

Trust’s smart thermostats to protect your family and your home when you can’t be there. You can relax knowing that your thermostat will be working hard so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or safety.

Get started today technology is available exclusively from licensed, certified service providers who we equip, train and trust to protect you. Take the first step towards a smarter, safer home by clicking below.

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