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Announcing Insights Engine: Your Home's Newest Proactive Safeguard

At CES 2017, announced our new Insights Engine, a proactive, intelligent safeguard for your family that recognizes and responds to unexpected activity around your home.

Its first application is Unexpected Activity notifications, an advanced smart home security feature that alerts you to potential safety or security issues in your home, without the need to create custom rules or notifications. 



For example, your front door sees a lot of activity on weekday mornings, as you and your family leave for work and school. On weekends, however, you might not typically open it until later. So—if your front door opened early on a Saturday morning—you'd get an unexpected activity notification, indicating that your kids are likely exploring the front yard.

The Insights Engine which powers these alerts is an advanced machine learning capability—part of's smart home security cloud platform which connects and secures millions of homes. By processing the data generated by your smart devices, it's able to learn your family's unique activity patterns, discern unusual activity, and then act quickly on your behalf to address a potential problem.

While its first application is a new type of notification, the Insights Engine will soon be able to trigger other connected devices into action. For a futuristic but realistic view of what that looks like, click here.

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