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Saving Energy in the Connected Home

An Efficient Home's connected home gives you a range of options for using energy more efficiently all around your home. Smart thermostats, plug-in modules for lights and appliances and even solar panels can be seamlessly integrated and powered by our advanced automation technology. Innovative features like Smart Schedules™, Extreme Temps and Geo-Services make it easy to automatically optimize power use in your home.

Information is Power Savings

To operate your thermostat efficiently it helps to know when your home's empty and occupied. Unlike stand-alone "smart" thermostats that only look into one room and can't know what's happening in the rest of the house, uses data from all around the home for a more accurate view of activity patterns. All this additional information adds up to a more efficient schedule. makes this possible by using the home security system to collect data and learn the entire home's activity patterns. Motion detectors, door and window sensors and the alarm's status itself provide a comprehensive, accurate and real-time view of activity throughout the home. All these sensors and devices generate information that we can use to recommend highly efficient schedules. The more you use it, the more personalized it gets.

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Adjust it Automatically

Creating highly accurate schedules can be a great step towards better energy management, but we all know that plans and routines change without notice. Wouldn't it be great if your home just knew your location and adjusted automatically?

Whether you're rushing out of town on a last minute business trip, have to stay late at work or you're home unexpectedly with a sick child, the last thing on your mind is your thermostat. With you don't have to remember to open your app and adjust it because our Geo-Services feature uses your location to do it for you automatically. Your home is always comfortable when you're there and saving when you're not.

You can completely personalize Geo-Services for you and your family. Simply define a geo-fence around your home and then set the distance, rules and temperature targets. It's also smart enough to take into account multiple people in your family.

Additionally you can have you home adjust automatically during times of extreme hot or cold. The Extreme Temps automation feature from will automatically raise your thermostat a few degrees when it's over 95 so you can save energy and still walk into a nice cool home. takes the guess work out of saving energy and makes it easy to be more efficient.

Holistic Energy

While smart thermostats hold great promise for reducing energy consumption, it's important to know that heating and cooling no longer represent the biggest segment of energy use for the average U.S. home. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration appliances and electronics are the fastest growing segment today. To make a real dent in energy costs homeowners need to also control and automate these power-hungry appliances and devices.'s connected home gives you comprehensive control so you have more ways to achieve ambitious energy savings goals. In addition to thermostats, you can control and schedule lighting and shading, as well as anything your plug in to the wall. You can connect your cable box, a notorious power hog, and shut it down for a few hours every night or when you're out of the home during the day.

Alternative Energy

See How Much You Save with Solar and Compare to Energy Used

The demand for solar power is booming. More homes are using it than ever, and incentives abound for installing them. With's connected home you can fully integrate them into your energy management solution. It's easy to track production right alongside your consumption so you can understand the total picture.

The Give Back, Get Back program from makes it easy to enroll in local Utility demand response programs where they are available. You can help your community, better manage your energy production and earn rebates and other incentives at the same time.

Whether you're trying to save money on your energy bill or save the world by lowering your carbon footprint,'s connected home technology has a solution for you.

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