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Five Advantages of Building Your Smart Home on

There are two ways to enjoy the ever-increasing benefits of smart home technology. You can go it alone, buying different devices at retail and installing them yourself. Or, you can get a fully supported and installed smart home solution like

Which is the right choice for you?

Device by device, a go-it-alone setup may be slightly cheaper—but you won't get the advantages that make the choice for millions of smart homeowners.

1: Installation

Installing your own smart home can be difficult. Many connected devices require you to be adept with electrical wiring, HVAC technology, or lock installation – and that's before you have to configure the various software platforms to get them to work together.

With, you get fast professional installation from an authorized smart home security dealer. If you prefer to get hands-on, you can have a complete pre-configured system delivered to your home.

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2: Monitored Security

If you want a real security solution, the inclusion of 24-7 professional monitoring makes better value. If there's an emergency at your house, a trained professional responds, assesses the situation, and dispatches emergency responders.


By contrast, go-it-alone smart devices leave you on your own in an emergency. If you don't see the text alert from your smart smoke detector, no one will alert emergency services until it's too late. If you see it but you're out of town, dialing 911 won't necessarily reach your hometown police or fire department. If your home's broadband is down, you're definitely out of luck. With so many gaps in a self-monitored setup, they're not great for peace of mind.

3: Troubleshooting and Support

When you go it alone, you're on your own if an important device like your smart thermostat malfunctions.

With, help is just a call away. Our service providers are experts on our technology and we give them sophisticated tools so they can troubleshoot many issues remotely. If that's not possible, they come to your house.

4: Affordability

The only way to own store-bought smart devices is to pay upfront. Unless you have thousands of dollars, it takes a long time to build your smart home and unlock all of the benefits.

With, you get a complete smart home for a modest upfront payment, followed by a monthly contract which includes professional monitoring. It's similar to the way you buy a smartphone. This means that you get all of the benefits from day one – including substantial energy savings that translate into lower energy bills.

5: It's Way Smarter

So's smart home technology is easy to own. But how does it perform?

Well, it does more things for you. Because it's powered by a single platform, with every device in the home sharing intelligence, it's able to coordinate complex actions that solve real, everyday problems. Such as turning off your water if there's a leak in the basement, or shutting down your HVAC if you leave a door open or if smoke is detected.

Because everything works together smoothly, you get real smart home benefits - proactive protection for your family, new ways to save energy, automated convenience that a go-it-alone setup doesn't provide.

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