Five Ways Can Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

It's time to turn up the heating and make things cozy at home.

Unfortunately, that warm glow also means higher energy bills for the next few months. can help you with that. Our technology knows what's happening around your home, and uses that knowledge to save energy when you don't need to use it.

Here are five smart ways we'll help you save this winter.

Smart Thermostat Schedules

If you've ever endured programming a thermostat at the wall, you'll love our Smart Thermostat and mobile app. It makes it easy to create custom schedules, fine-tuned to save energy when you're not there while still making things comfortable when you are.


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In addition to scheduling, our smart thermostat also saves energy by reacting to your activity. Our Geo-Services feature uses your smartphone location to determine whether you're home or away, and turns your heating to either ‘comfort' or ‘savings' accordingly. You don't have to lift a finger. Find out more.


With visitors, packages and carol-singers, your open your front door a lot at this time of year. Avoid heating the neighborhood excessively with our Smart Thermostat's auto-setback feature, which sets your thermostat back automatically when a door or window is open for too long. It works in summer too! Find out more.

Less Standby Waste

It's not just heating an empty house that wastes energy: many everyday devices consume power even when they're in standby mode. With smart plugs, you can set rules that automatically turn off the power to ‘energy vampire' devices like your TV and DVR when you leave home.

Energy Goal-Setting

If you want to go further, gives you plenty of insight and tools to make deeper energy savings.

Your app gives you a complete picture of your home's energy use, and lets you set energy-saving goals with projected monthly costs. Alerts and daily energy summaries will help you stay on track and save more. Find out more.

With fast, professional installation, now is the perfect time to start saving energy and enjoying the other benefits of To get started today, click here.

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