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Watch Your Whole Home from the Couch with our Amazon Fire TV app

It's Saturday afternoon, the kids are in the back yard, and you're finally getting some down time on the couch after a long week. You have TV to catch up on, snacks in front of you, and you're ready to relax.

And then you hear the doorbell.

Is it the kid from next door? A package? Or someone just trying to sell you new windows? Do you need to get up or not?

Thankfully, the answer is a just a few clicks of a remote away. Simply pick up your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote and navigate to the video monitoring screen of your app.

HD video monitoring on your TV!

Our latest app, created for Amazon Fire TV, brings your home's video monitoring to the most convenient screen in the house: your TV. It lets you view up to four simultaneous video streams, live from cameras in or around your home. It's in full HD and right from the comfort of your couch.

We already offer a huge range of ways to use video monitoring, including Smart Clips, activity-triggered video alerts, live streaming, continuous recording and offside video storage. To check in on your kids in the back yard, we have all-weather cameras. For their bedrooms or the upstairs landing, there are cameras with night vision.

And it's easy to add a camera above your front door, so you can see exactly who's ringing the doorbell while you're trying to relax.

The camera shows a package being delivered, by the way. It's the DVD boxed set you ordered - enjoy!

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