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Control Your Smart Home with Apple TV and Amazon Echo

At CES Unveiled today, we're unveiling two new, intuitive ways to interact with and control your smart home.

Our new app for Apple TV brings interactive video monitoring to the biggest, most convenient screen in your home, while our new Amazon Echo integration will enable voice commands for your smart lights and smart thermostat.

As's smart home ecosystem grows, so do your options for interacting with it. Our new interfaces are designed to enhance and deepen your smart home experience, making it more intuitive and more useful every day.

Apple TV: Intuitive Real-Time Video on Your TV

Apple TV, one of the most intuitive television interfaces ever, is now an interface for your security cameras.

Watching TV when the doorbell rings? Double-tap your Apple TV remote's Home button, swipe across the menu to the new app, and tap once again to see who's at the door. Thought you heard a noise in the nursery but don't want to risk waking a sleeping baby? Use the remote to go full-screen on your nursery's night vision camera and see exactly what's going on.

Our new Apple TV app allows you to view four cameras simultaneously from the convenience of your couch, controlling your pan/tilt cameras with easy directional arrows on your TV screen.

If you're an Apple TV owner, our new app is available now: just search for in the App Store and download it for free.

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Amazon Echo: Voice-Controlled Smart Lights

One of the most captivating early visions of the smart home was ability to say a command and have your home respond. Our forthcoming Amazon Echo integration will turn the idea into reality for millions of users early this year, with voice control enabled by Amazon's Alexa voice service.

The first voice control feature will be smart lighting. Relaxing in the living room but left the kitchen lights on? "Alexa, ask to turn off the kitchen lights," is all you need to say, and your kitchen's smart lights will dim without you having to lift a finger.

Our Amazon Echo interface will launch early this year, with voice control for additional devices already in development.

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