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When Chase Blackwood and Scott Lloyd started Harbor Leaf Tea Company in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, protecting their business was top of mind.

As well as protecting their premises and employees, they needed to carefully protect their merchandise too. Tea is a temperature-sensitive product that has to be kept safe and fresh.

As Chase researched business security solutions, he realized that having a single system to protect every part of Harbor Leaf was the best option. It's why he turned to the for Business platform.

"It's all in one place: video, temperature, intrusion."

Harbor Leaf Tea Company chose a fully integrated security system with video cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, contact sensors, and even a smart thermostat with temperature sensors for the tea storage room.

Because it's a single system, Chase can see and control everything with his app. It gives him more convenience and control when he's onsite, and more awareness when he's away.

"The biggest benefit I've found with is that it's all in one place," he says. "I can look at videos, see the temperature schedules and arm the system from the same place."

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Real-time video helps keep employees safe.

Thanks to their app and video cameras, Chase and Scott can see live video of activity as it happens. This proved essential on the day that an intoxicated customer entered the store at closing time.

After harassing the employee on duty, and attempting to walk behind the counter, the customer refused to leave the store—at which point the employee texted both owners for help.

"We could witness all of this on our video cameras," Chase recalls. "We notified the police, stayed on the phone with our employee and watched the cameras diligently. She said later that she felt safer knowing that we were able to see and monitor the situation."

"We also had exactly what we needed to show the police," he says. "Our Stream Video Recorder made the footage particularly easy to find."

"Get a system that all works together. It's worth it."

As well as proving itself in emergencies, Harbor Leaf Tea Company's system proved useful every day. Chase and Scott have used its integrated sensors and intelligent analytics to protect their inventory, monitor access points and customer traffic, gain operational insights and more.

" for Business is worth it," says Chase. "If you're currently trying to mishmash stuff together, stop. Get something that all works together. It makes your life so much easier."

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