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When Jill Erber started Cheesetique in 2004, it was just her, a cash register and a case of flavorful cheeses. Today, Jill has expanded the Arlington, VA business from a single specialty shop to four restaurants, with multiple managers and dozens of employees running the show.

To stay connected and in control as her business grows, Jill uses for Business. It combines Cheesetique's security, video surveillance, access control and HVAC management into a single system, controlled with one app. Take a look.

Better Security; Extra Convenience

The safety of Cheesetique's team and premises are paramount to Jill. When her shops are closed for the night, her professionally-monitored security systems help give her peace of mind. In the morning, each manager can easily deactivate their location's alarm using their phone, before even opening the door.'s smarter access control makes it easy for Jill to set up or revoke keyless access for new and departing employees. Jill rests easy in the knowledge that should anyone misuse their access—for example, by entering the store after hours— can alert her instantly.

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Staying in the Know

Since Jill can't be in four places at once, she uses's easy video monitoring to check in on each restaurant's day-to-day operations. With access to live video feeds from each Cheesetique location, Jill's app makes it easy to keep tabs on them all.

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"I also like to look at it Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock," adds Jill. "How is my team functioning? What are they doing when there's hardly anybody at the restaurant? Are they making good use of their time?"

Keeping Things Cool

If there's one aspect of her business that Jill must keep under strict control, it's temperature. Cheeses need to be stored within a tight temperature range to maintain their freshness, textures and subtle flavors.

That's why Jill loves's ability to proactively alert her if things get too warm. A temperature sensor, installed in each refrigerated cheese case, monitors the local temperature and can trigger a smartphone alert if the inside of the case loses its chill. That's a huge benefit, says Jill.

Besides that, she says, heating and cooling is expensive, especially when you're managing food storage, a kitchen area and a dining room that needs to be kept comfortable. With Cheesetique's smart thermostats fully integrated into Jill's smart security solution, Jill can take advantage of's energy-saving features to keep costs down.

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