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#ICYMI:'s Smart Home Security Innovation at CES

Did you miss the news at CES about's new Insights Engine, or that we're working on a smart home security drone solution?'s news made us an Engadget Best of CES finalist. Here's what the technology media said:

  • "A cost-effective solution to blanket every inch of your home in non-intrusive, smart surveillance." USA Today
  • "A big, bold idea to smarten up your home security": CNET
  • "Could be the next big thing in protecting loved ones and property from intruders." Inquisitr CES2017 2.jpg

The planned drone solution is enabled by existing com technology that we call inferential intelligence: proprietary machine learning applied to the data generated by devices and sensors in the home, able to contextually recognize complex patterns and respond proactively on your behalf.

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In the event of unexpected activity in the home, a drone could be deployed automatically when Navigating via Qualcomm's Snapdragon flight platform, it would hover through your home to the relevant sensor, and send you an HD video feed of the cause.

The Insights Engine, meanwhile, is another proactive safeguard that uses inferential intelligence. It's a new machine learning capability that recognizes and proactively responds to unexpected activity by sending you a smartphone alert about what's going on.

Its Unexpected Activity notifications alert homeowners to potentially dangerous situations before something bad happens, rather than afterwards. Homeowners with children will find these especially useful, as kids tend to be curious and full of surprises.

At, we're always working to make your home safer, smarter and more efficient—and we're always making headlines in the process. To check out more news, click here.


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