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Bargain Hunt opened its first retail location in Nashville in 2004, buying surplus merchandise from other retailers and selling it at steep discounts. A little more than a decade later, it had dozens of stores throughout the South and Midwest. As Bargain Hunt grew, however, so did the complexity of its security.

"We had 80 stores, and we had 40 different alarm companies," says Jacob Long, Bargain Hunt's project manager. "You never knew what the policy was for adding a person, or making a simple change. Getting someone's user code into a different system took 10 to 12 days."   Something needed to change. Here's what Jacob did.

Jacob knew that he needed a single provider for all of his retail locations, and his research led him to's commercial security solution.

Combining the simplicity and ease of a home security system with the robust features and scalability required for larger enterprises, for Business was the perfect match for Bargain Hunt's team.

Manage and Monitor Everything

Before, adding a user code for a new employee required calling an alarm company and waiting for a technician to update the panel manually. If an employee of one store wanted to pick up shifts at another location, it meant a cumbersome code changing process.

Today, Jacob can now monitor and manage everything: intrusion, access control and video, from one integrated dashboard. He can create and manage user codes from his phone, making this formerly slow, stressful process as easy as ordering take-out.

"We can now insert an alarm code into a store in less than 24 hours," Jacob says. "The platform really sped that process up."

Commercial Security Solutions

Manage your business security with a unified, cloud-managed platform built to increase operational efficiency, reduce administrative overhead and ensure professional protection for single or multiple locations.

Commercial-Grade Security

A Real Commercial Platform

"All of our retail locations now utilize the platform," says Jacob. "Our stores average around 25,000 to 30,000 square feet and I'm not even questioning putting in an 800,000 square-foot warehouse. I know it's going to work.

" may be seen as a residential platform, but it really is a commercial platform as well," he says. "It grows with you. It can change as your business changes. You get reliability, expandability and the peace of mind of knowing that your systems are working."

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