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Three Gift Ideas for Smart Homeowners

What do you buy the smart homeowner who already has an home?

How about a new way to interact with it?

Many of this year's most popular smart speakers and connected devices are "": easily connected to's smart security technology in order to control devices around the home.

If you're an homeowner shopping for a new smart device this week, or you're buying a gift for a tech-loving loved one, these are the way to go.

1: Smart Speaker (Amazon Echo, Google Home)

compatible amazon echo.jpg

Smart speakers can do a lot more than just play music. You can ask them the time or the weather, or where the latest movie is showing, or the capital of Switzerland, and they'll tell you.

You can also ask an Amazon Echo or Google Home to control and check the status of your technology.

Just say the command "Ask to…" followed by the action you need. You can arm your smart security system, change the temperature, adjust your smart lights and even close your garage—all without lifting a finger.

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2: Digital TV Device (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV)

compatible Apple TV.jpg

As well as enabling you to quickly view your favorite streaming shows, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or an Apple TV console can also show you what's happening around your home.

A version of the app for each device lets you view the feed from any security camera—or up to four feeds simultaneously—on your TV screen. Just use the remote control to navigate to ‘' on the TV menu, and know what's going on instantly.

3: Smart Watch (Apple Watch)

compatible apple watch.jpg

Now in its third incarnation, Apple's smartwatch can run a specially created version of the app that makes controlling your home as easy as checking the time.

With Taptic feedback that lets you feel alerts from your security system, and easy, one-touch commands, for Apple Watch gives you intuitive awareness and control of what's happening at home, whether you're there or not. For a demo, click here.

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