How to Create Your First Geo-Services Alert

Geo-Services is a really useful feature that enables your home to proactively take smart actions based on your location.

It does things like turn your thermostat up or down when you're on your way home, or remind you if you leave the house unsecured, using your smartphone's location to trigger proactive safeguards and other actions.

It's simple to use, and once you try it, you'll love it. Here's how to create your first Geo-Services rule, step by step.

Step 1: Enable Geo-Services on your smartphone.

On your smartphone, go to the menu in your app. Tap Geo-Services, turn the feature on, and confirm that can use your phone's location.


Your phone is now a roving smart home sensor!

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Step 2: Create your Geo-Fence

Log into on your desktop or laptop. Click the 'Mobile' tab and you'll see the Geo-Services screen.

The orange circle on the map is a geo-fence. Think of it as a geographical on-off switch. When your smartphone crosses the geo-fence, the switch is flipped.

To create your first geo-fence, click the 'Home' link on the right.

Geo homepage.jpg

Now, enter your home address.

Geo fence 1 editing fence.jpg

The geo-fence will relocate to form a circle around your home. You can adjust its size using the tabs on the fence. If you prefer, you can specify a radius for the fence, starting as small as one mile around your home.

Geo fence 2 home fence relocated.jpg

Click 'Save' and your geo-fence is ready to go.

You can set up several different geo-fences for different rules and devices. For example, some users create geo-fences around their workplaces to give their smart thermostats time to get the house comfortable before they arrive home.

Step 3: Set up your first Geo-Services alert

Choose the type of alert or rule you'd like to create from the menu on the right. We're going to create a simple Arming Reminder: a smartphone alert that lets you know if you leave home without arming your security system.

Geo fence 4 fence changed page.jpg

You'll find yourself in the Notifications tab, where the first step is to name your reminder. We're calling ours 'Forgot to Arm System.'

Geo fence 5 name your alert.jpg

Specify the times that you want your alert in effect. Our example limits the alert to weekday mornings between 7.30 and 8.30am. Click 'Add Recipient' to link the alert with your smartphone, which you enabled in Step 1 above. Now, save your alert.

Geo fence 6 and 7 alert setup.jpg

Step 4: View your new alert

You'll find yourself in the Notifications tab, where you'll see your new alert. It's easy to turn off and on, and to edit if your schedule changes. You can do this from your mobile app as well.

Geo fence 8 alert created.jpg

You're all set! What will your next Geo-Services rule be?

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