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How to Set Up a No-Show Alert

As well as letting you when someone arrives at your home, a smart home security system can also alert you when they don't.

If you're away from home and need to be sure that your teenager, or a contractor, or dog-walker, or any other visitor is arriving at the house when they should, no-show alerts are a smart way to do it.

Instead of getting an alert every time a person lets themselves in with their unique user code, you'll only get an alert when they don't. This minimizes the number of alerts you get while still keeping you informed.

Here's how to set up a no-show alert for an existing user.

Note: You'll need to create a user code for the person first - click here to see how.

1: Getting started

Log into, click the Notifications tab, and select 'New Notification'.

No Show 1

In the first (Standard) tab of the pop-up, select 'No Show Alert'.

No Show 2

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2: Create your alert

Name your alert in the first line, select the user from the drop-down list, then specify the time frame for the alert.

In our example, we're creating an alert for a dog walker who should arrive at the house every weekday lunchtime. We've checked every weekday on the 'Days' bar, and specified a start time of 11.00 am and an end time of 2.00 pm. If the dog walker doesn't arrive between these times on a weekday, we'll get a no-show alert.

Specify your days and time frame, then scroll down, add yourself as a recipient, and click 'Save'.

No Show 3

3. Manage or change your alert

Your new alert will now appear under the Notifications tab. You can turn it off, edit or delete it anytime from this tab.

No Show 4

Now that you've set up a no-show alert, you'll never need to wonder whether a family member or visitor let themselves in again. For more smart home security tutorials, click here.

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