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Ever dreamed of creating the ultimate man cave in your basement?

Stew McVicar beat you to it. The Chicago Cubs superfan spared no expense in turning his McHenry, IL home's basement into "Club 400", a 2,100-square foot, memorabilia-decked fan-cave and gameday venue that rivals any sports bar or team museum in the world.

And it's all powered and secured by Alarm.com's smarter home security

Stew realized he needed a security system when he started using Club 400 as a fundraising venue to help other Cubs fans in need.

"There were a lot of people I didn't know coming to my house," he recalled. "I had to do something to protect my lifelong dream and investment. I've been collecting everything here since I was eight. It all has personal meaning for me."

So what exactly does Stew's smarter home security system protect? A few highlights of his man cave include:

  • 12 video displays including a three-TV game viewing area with nine theater seats
  • Cubs-themed pinball machines, vintage arcade games, air hockey and a foosball table
  • A 2012 game-used Wrigley Field home plate
  • 250 balls signed by Cubs players
  • Countless framed, signed jerseys of Cubs hall-of-famers
  • Two bars with beer on tap, plus a fully stocked beer fridge

Stew's professionally-monitored security system is as impressive as the memorabilia it protects. It features indoor and outdoor security cameras, contact sensors on display cases, crash and smash protection, a video doorbell, and a smart thermostat with remote temperature sensors for climate control—all controlled by Alarm.com's smart home security app.

"You just can't put a price on peace of mind," says Stew. "That's what Alarm.com gives me."

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