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Take a Video Tour of the Demo House

Take a stroll through leafy Falls Church, VA, this fall, and you might discover something unexpected: a fully-automated, state-of-the-art smart home nestled into a picturesque suburban street.

Welcome to the Demo House. has been hard at work transforming this cute neighborhood bungalow into the smartest home on the block—or, possibly, on any block. It's equipped with a full suite of next-generation home automation technology, built around a smart security system with integrated energy management, video monitoring, access control, independent living and home automation solutions.

Inside, you'll find devices like our smart thermostat with remote temperature sensing, as well as locks, lights, video doorbells, garage door opener, shades, water control, voice assistants and more—all intelligently connected through our cloud platform and mobile apps for an integrated, advanced smart home experience.

We expect to welcome a wide range of visitors, with tours for journalists, bloggers, industry experts and, of course, our service providers, who sell and install technology.

Stay tuned for lots more about our Demo House, and find out more here.

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