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Traditionally, a home security system protected you from a single threat: intruders. If the system was armed and there was a break-in, you were protected.

Smart Home Security from is much more useful. It protects you against a range of potential challenges you face as a homeowner, ranging from intruders and safety hazards to extreme weather and even energy wastage.

One of these dangers is harmful elements within your home: fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks.'s uniquely connected network of sensors and devices not only detects dangerous situations, but takes proactive, automatic measures to protect your home and family.

Smart Detection

Your first defense against the elements is detection. With connected smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, your system will instantly pinpoint a danger area in your home.

Water sensors can be added to any vulnerable area in your house: under the sink, in the basement, behind the washing machine to let you (or a plumber) know exactly where a leak is coming from.

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Instant Awareness

In a fire, CO or water leak situation, early awareness makes all the difference.

In the event of fire, your professional monitoring service (which all systems come with) will spring into action immediately. A security professional will assess the situation immediately and dispatch emergency services if needed. Whether you're home or away, help will be at hand.

Meanwhile, your home's alarm will sound and a smartphone alert will tell you exactly what's going on and where. If you're not home, you can visually confirm the alarm using your image sensors or video cameras.

If your system detects a water leak when you're not home, you can use smart access control to let an emergency plumber or trusted neighbor in to turn off your water. Because water damage is fast, this can save you thousands of dollars in cleanup costs, especially if you're out of town.

Proactive Response

As well as alerting people, system takes action in an emergency, triggering different devices to protect your home.

In a fire or CO event, your Smart Thermostat shuts down immediately, preventing smoke or gases spreading through your HVAC system. Your smart lighting also turns on to show you the way outside.

If you're equipped with our full Water Management solution, your home's water will shut off automatically at the source if a leak is detected – a valuable safeguard when even the tiniest crack in a pipe can leak 250 gallons in a day.

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