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How to Secure Gates, Tool Sheds, and Equipment

If your backyard toolshed sits beyond the limits of your home’s Wi-Fi, you might have accepted that you couldn’t monitor it using traditional security sensors. But what if there was a better way to keep an eye on property and equipment outside your home?

Meet Flex IO™ from, an entirely new kind of sensor that offers limitless possibilities for monitoring property and equipment virtually anywhere. Flex IO is an award-winning solution for remote security challenges, making it easy to protect everything from toolsheds to barns, gates, boats, RVs, equipment and more. So, the next time your dog escapes from the back gate, you’ll know right away.

No Wi-Fi, no wires, no problem

Flex IO works anywhere with LTE cellular coverage—panels, hubs, and Wi-Fi aren’t required. This gives you the flexibility to monitor whatever you’d like, wherever it may be. Whether it’s in the backyard or on the other side of the country, this durable, battery-powered sensor provides real-time alerts so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Built to last

We designed Flex IO to operate in environments where existing solutions don’t work, including places without power, internet access, or protection from the elements. If you’d like to monitor equipment that might be exposed to weather conditions like wind and rain, Flex IO is the way to go. This durable sensor is weather-proofed for the outdoors, and with its 2+ year battery life, it’s built to last.

From fences to farm equipment

Because Flex IO extends beyond the reach of traditional security systems, the monitoring possibilities are limitless. This rugged device features a magnetic reed switch, loop input, and relay output to accommodate a wide range of use cases, so you can receive real-time alerts whenever:

  • Doors or windows are opened and closed (or left open)
  • Perimeter gates are accessed
  • Freestanding items are moved (just connect magna-pull sensors to the built-in loop input)
  • The device is tampered with

No matter where it’s installed, Flex IO can seamlessly integrate with the platform. To learn more, contact your service provider.

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