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Four Discreet But Effective Front Yard Security Features

Does your front yard feel secure to you?

For most homeowners, it's a challenging area to keep secure. That's because it's a transitional space. By design, it's a semi-private, semi-public area between your home and the street. Building a wall around it would cut you off from neighbors. Installing razor wire is unlikely to enhance your home's curb appeal.

However, there are still ways to increase your yard's security without spoiling your space. The trick is to focus on psychological rather than physical security.

These security measures won't look like fortifications—in fact, they'll look adorable—but they send a clear message to opportunistic intruders, especially when combined with a smart home security system.

1: Install a Picket Fence

Nothing radiates curb appeal like a traditional, white picket fence. It's wholesome, it's whimsical; it's practically ornamental. Yet, it's also a signal that says, loud and clear: "My property starts here. Rules apply."

Picket Fence.jpg

Isn't it easy to climb, though? Absolutely—however, most intruders don't want to be seen climbing or even jumping a fence. They'll also be aware that they'll look suspicious on the other side, and that the slatted design of the fence leaves nowhere to hide from passers-by.

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2: Control Access with Smart Landscaping

A clear, well-maintained path to your front door—ideally bordered with shrubs or flowers—sends another strong subconscious message: do not wander.

It's an example of ‘natural access control,' where landscaping is used not to physically block people, but to subtly discourage unwanted behavior on your property. Look at the front of any public building and you'll see it in action.

Another effective technique is to strategically plant roses, hawthorns and other thorny shrubs around ground-floor windows. Again, this won't keep out a determined intruder, but it will discourage an opportunistic one from peering into your home. Plus, those roses will complement your picket fence.

3: Use Smart, Subtle Lighting

After dark, lighting is the best deterrent. Bright is good, but there's no need to go overboard and turn your front yard into a floodlit sports court. It's best to ensure that a few key areas are lit: your front door and porch, plus any potential hiding places in your hard.


Motion activated smart lighting, with its power to suddenly and startlingly put an intruder in the spotlight, is best of all. Smart lights are easy to have installed on your front porch and around your whole property as part of a smart home security system, which can also schedule the lights to turn on automatically at sunset.

4: Display Your Smart Home Security Sign

A professionally monitored smart home security system is perhaps the most powerful deterrent of all. While most of its technology will reside in your home, several elements will be noticeable from the outside. These include outdoor video cameras—or a video doorbell—and smart locks for your doors. Your service provider will also provide you with signage for your front yard, letting visitors know that your home is protected. Make sure to display one of these signs prominently.

To find out more about smart home security, click here. Want more outdoor ideas? Check out these other ways improves your outdoor space.

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