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Help Your Home Protect You from Winter Woes

With the holidays over, we're into the longest months of winter, dampening the mood with cold weather and dark nights. It's a challenging time for all, and—depending on the climate where you live—winter can bring a number of homeownership challenges.

As you hunker down for the next few months, consider how you'll protect your home this winter, and how your home might be able to protect you. With professionally installed technology, you'll always have the solution at hand.

Take the heat out of your winter heating bill

Making your home cozy during the winter months tends to drive up the heating bills, but there are smart ways to keep them down.'s smart thermostat helps maximize energy efficiency with automatic savings based on whether you're home or not.


For comfort throughout your home, wireless temperature sensors placed in different rooms can take command of the thermostat at different times. Maybe it's a comfortable 72 on lower floors but too warm at 76 degrees upstairs. When you're heading upstairs to bed, you can tell your smart thermostat to optimize your home's temperature until the bedroom sensor registers 72.

Don't wait for a winter washout to happen


If a pipe does freeze and burst,'s water protection technology can minimize the damage. When a water sensor or your Smart Water Valve+Meter detects a leak, the solution alerts you and shuts off your home's water supply automatically if you're away. For peace of mind on winter water issues, it's the ideal solution.

Let your home defend you on dark evenings

Arriving home on a winter evening when the lights are all off is disconcerting, so automate your smart lights to turn on automatically as you arrive home.


Smart lights can also give deter potential intruders by giving the impression that you're home. With, you can have your lights turn on when there's a person or vehicle outside, but not when it's just a passing deer. Our video analytics can spot the difference.

Don't go it alone on fire and carbon monoxide safety

The perfect cold, winter night might include sitting by a crackling fireplace with a warm drink in hand. It's even better when you can head to bed afterwards without feeling anxious about fire or smoke hazards.


If your smoke detectors detect a fire or carbon monoxide leak in the night, your system will turn on your lights to ensure a safe exit, shut down your HVAC system to prevent ash and fumes from spreading, and alert your monitoring station to call your local 911 dispatcher for you.

Want for your home?

For total protection from winter worries and whatever 2021 might bring, there's no smarter choice. Discover a new sense of security this year by connecting with a service provider today. To get started, click below.

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