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How Keeps Clint Holmes and Kelly Clinton Secure from Anywhere

As an entertainer, songwriter, and recording artist, Clint Holmes has numerous priorities. However, there’s one that exceeds them all: his family and home’s safety.

“When I'm on the road performing, it's wonderful to know that I am in instant touch with everything that's going on back at home,” says Clint. “ gives us peace of mind in a way that we've never had before.”

“ has given my family the safety that we were looking for.”

Clint and his wife, Kelly Clinton, call Las Vegas their home base, as they both primarily perform in the area. While they’ve made Vegas their permanent residence, business often takes them away. With, Clint and Kelly are able to stay in the know about what’s going on back home with just the press of a button.

“We are very happy with the equipment,” says Kelly. “We can actually look at a video and see who's coming to our door, or look in the backyard or the front yard and see what's happening.”

“The one app solution makes security easy. It's at my fingertips all the time.”

The system is easy to access with its app, and it comes stacked with numerous features. Users can be notified if someone is at their door, let them lock any doors left open, and even check in on their pets when connected to indoor cameras – plus, it’s simple to use.

“I remember when the alarm system was installed,” says Kelly. “The [professional installer] who came and set it up explained to us along the way what he was doing and then trained us on the keypad and the app, which was really easy.”

“With, I feel secure when I'm in the house and when I'm not in the house.”

No matter if they’re across the country, performing in Vegas, or just taking their dog for a walk – Clint and Kelly rest easily knowing their home is protected.

“What really stands out about this system to me is that it works on every level that I need it to work on,” says Clint. “It works when we're home. It works when I'm away. And it works easily, which is important to me.”