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Using Home Video Surveillance to Keep Your Deliveries Safer from Package Theft

If you’ve noticed more and more people doing their shopping online, you’re not alone. Consumers are enjoying the benefits that come with the ease and convenience of online shopping, and it’s safe to say this trend is here to stay. And more online shopping means more packages being dropped off on doorsteps, leading to concerns about protection against package theft.

Thankfully, the right home video security systems can help protect your deliveries—and most importantly, your whole household.

With a home video security system that includes a doorbell camera, exterior cameras, and interior cameras, you can see and secure deliveries in seconds from anywhere. And when you integrate smart locks and smart garage doors into your security equation, you’ll be prepared for any package delivery situation at hand. Here’s how to keep your packages—and yourself—safe using your home video monitoring system.

#1: Decide where you want the delivery person to leave the package

Stop Package Theft

Depending on the layout of your home and security video cameras, you’ve got options for receiving deliveries in a way that’s convenient, while protecting your entire household.

Many people choose to have packages delivered to their front porch or stoop. If your home’s front door faces your driveway or the street, it’s the simplest way for delivery drivers to drop off your items. And it’s a great spot for home security video cameras, video doorbells, and other smart home security.

Others prefer to have packages left inside their home, which is a perfect chance to put your home video security system to good use. The front and side doors are popular spots when you want to let someone into your home for just a moment, watch while they’re there, and then lock up when they’re gone.

Another great drop-off spot for using smart home video surveillance to protect your household? The garage. Not only can you install cameras there, but it’s a great place for oversized packages to be delivered safely. And many garages have a lockable inner door that prevents further entry into your home. You’ll also receive a notification alerting you if you forgot to close your garage after a package has been delivered.

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#2: Observe and communicate with the delivery driver outside.

Stop Package Theft

A smart video doorbell can help you make the most of your home video security setup when the driver shows up. In fact, you’ll know they’ve arrived before they ever ring the bell, as they approach your home.

With a touchless video doorbell, you’ll stay safer with two-way audio and a contact-free experience. How? AI-driven video insights can identify when a person is standing in a dedicated space, like your welcome mat. That triggers the doorbell to chime in your home, while sending an alert to your app.

You can then open the app, see the driver through your live video feed, and use the microphone button to greet them. From there, simply tell the driver where you’d like them to leave your package and unlock your door—right from the app’s doorbell camera feed.

Good news: even if your home security video surveillance system has standard doorbell cameras instead of a touchless video doorbell, you’ll still enjoy the same communication and automation features. You’ll just have to wait for them to ring the bell on their own first.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out this quick video:

Step #3: Confirm that the driver has left.

Stop Package Theft

Once the delivery driver closes your door again with your package safely inside, use your app to lock up. As a final touch, re-arm your security system to ensure that your home is professionally protected for the rest of the day.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out this quick video

Preventing package theft is easy with technology. If you have smart home security already, talk to your service provider about adding a doorbell camera and smart lock to your system now.

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#4: Manage overnight deliveries.

With so many people doing more of their shopping online, carriers are busier than ever. It’s no surprise that package delivery now takes place at all hours. Home video surveillance systems are great for spotting deliveries late at night while you’re snoozing, or long before you wake the next day.

Some home security video systems are equipped with video analytics that can distinguish a person, vehicle, or animal, and send alerts if there’s unexpected activity. If your home video monitoring system includes a perimeter alert with audio and LED warnings, you might want to disarm that feature when you’re expecting a delivery. Smart home video security can be good for the whole neighborhood, but not if it’s waking everyone up in the morning.

If there’s overnight trouble in the neighborhood, though, the video cameras in your home security system can be helpful in solving it. By storing and sharing recorded video clips, neighbors can help each other spot vandals and other mischief makers.

#5: Sign for your package.

Now that so much of life has become digital, contact-free, or remote, physically signing for a package feels outdated. But when you’re expecting a delivery that requires this extra security step, your security system can make life easier.

With a touchless video doorbell, your home video monitoring system lets you know someone’s there before they ring the bell. If you’re really concerned, you can also use an outdoor camera with a perimeter alert feature. Video analytics will identify a person walking up to the home, so you’ll get the alert before they get to your door.

Once you know the driver is waiting, you can chat for a moment, right from your home video surveillance app. Maybe you need a moment to get dressed or finish that email before you lose your train of thought. Two-way audio lets you tell them you’ll be right there, without having to rush.

#6: Detect flying packages

No question about it—delivery drivers have quite the workload these days. They’re under pressure to get everything delivered on time, and all it takes is one double-parked car to throw off their schedule.

It’s not surprising that occasionally, a driver might resort to flinging a lightweight packet from the truck toward your front porch. If the item is well wrapped, you might never know the difference—until you see it through your home video security app.

But if your items are broken, or the soaring package dents your car, you’ll need to be able to prove what happened. If your home video surveillance system uses cameras with video analytics, you’ll likely have a video clip or still that shows the flying package in action.

And, if a driver sees your video doorbell camera or other exterior camera in place, they may think twice before taking this shortcut.

#7: Get the benefits of professional installation and monitoring

If all of this sounds complicated, rest assured, professionally installed home video security systems, like those offered by, are easily configured to integrate and automate your home security and management.

With, you’ll get the best home video security system for you. Our professional security providers will install and customize the system so it’s right the first time and show you all the easy ways to manage your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. And when you choose home video security, you’ll enjoy single-app control you can expand over time.

Plus, with a professionally monitored home security video system, you’ll have extra peace of mind with 24/7 central station coverage. If they spot any suspicious activity, they’ll alert you and the authorities immediately.

Preventing package theft is easy with If you already have smart home security, talk to your service provider about adding a doorbell camera and smart lock to your system now.

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