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Are You a Managing Mom? We're Here to Help.

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It's hard work being a modern, managing Mom!

According to new research, Moms spend an average of 36 hours a week organizing, coaching and managing their children through the activities, milestones and adventures that constitute the long road to independence.

It's demanding, skilled and underappreciated work. It means being a coach—organizing, transporting, directing and encouraging—and also a protector, ensuring that kids are safe, well and thriving. Even without a full-time job outside of the home, that's a lot to manage.

No surprise, then, that Managing Moms are some of the most adept users. Here are some of the things our smart home security technology can help you manage:

1: Managing everyday routines and activities

Managing Moms Social

It might seem like it to others, but your kids' achievements don't happen overnight. They take years of routines, practice and activity to accomplish—and typically, kids have Mom to thank. Our survey shows that Moms tend to be primarily responsible for:

  • Getting kids to and from school (84 percent of Moms)
  • Facilitating social activities or playdates (82 percent of Moms)
  • Purchasing clothes, equipment and supplies (83 percent of Moms)
How we can help:

Managing your family's schedule is tough, especially with childcare, carpooling and work in the mix. Smart home security helps you simplify and solve challenges like spare keys and security, babysitter management, and generally needing to be in two places at once. As our business users also know, it's smart to run things with

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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2: Managing your kids' independence and growth

Managing Moms Confidence.png

For kids, developing independence and a sense of responsibility takes practice, boundary-pushing, give and take, and a lot of trial and error. As a parent you need the patience to step back, and enough awareness to quickly step in. Some areas where Moms take the lead:

  • Overseeing and helping with homework (82 percent of Moms)
  • Setting and enforcing rules at home (73 percent of Moms)
  • Refereeing arguments and disputes (77 percent of Moms)

How we can help:

Independence comes with responsibilities. While your kids figure that out, we'll help you ensure that they follow the important rules when taking new steps like coming home from school on their own. Here's how:

3: Managing your family's safety, health and wellness

Managing Moms Screen Time.png

Keeping your kids safe and well is a lifelong mission—especially when they're learning to spread their wings. Although Dads might consider home security and safety to be their domain, Moms take the lead on other protective roles, including:

  • Vetting online / media content and screen time (81 percent of Moms)
  • Coaching kids through worries and problems (85 percent of Moms)
  • Medical and health appointments: managed (86 percent of Moms)

How we can help:

Keeping your family safe and well is at the heart of everything we do. Our award-winning, professionally monitored home security technology is engineered to protect you all from burglars, fire and smoke, dishonest visitors, package thieves, garage door-related forgetfulness and so much more.

And—with smart, new safeguards like automated indoor and outdoor lighting and Unexpected Activity alerts added continually, you can rest assured that your technology will get even more capable over time—just like your kids.

Next Steps for Managing Moms:

Want to add smart home security to your family management toolkit? Our service providers make it easy. Here's how to get

PS: Happy Mother's Day! We hope you get a break.

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