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Give a Mom a Break!

Hey dads: between work and family, do you ever feel rushed? Imagine feeling that way all the time.

It's how four out of ten mothers with full-time careers feel. Often, it's because working moms take on a greater share of responsibilities at home.

New technology like can help. Integrated into both your home and digital life via your smartphone, it can reduce worry, save time and take care of certain jobs automatically. For busy moms, these benefits can quickly add up.

If your family doesn't have smart home security yet, here are three Mom-friendly reasons to get connected with a service provider.

1: Smart home security helps moms at work

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Workdays start better with, which makes getting out of the house easier with a one-touch Scene lockup, backed up by smartphone reminders for the busiest days.

At work, helps moms manage important events at home like doorstep deliveries, while live video feeds offer to check in on kids at home. When schedules change in the summer, makes it easier to keep up.

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2: Smart home security helps moms at home

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With kids, the hustle doesn't stop when the workday is over. is there to help with family-friendly features that safeguard kids while moms multitask.

Unexpected Activity alerts can generate proactive warnings if contact sensors in out-of-the way areas are opened at odd times, alerting you if kids get into off-limits areas. Video cameras inside and outside the house make it easy to keep an eye on older kids from the home office or living room.

3: Smart home security helps moms relax

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Do your kids still nap? This mom wishes she'd had an doorbell camera and a smart thermostat with remote temperature sensors when her own peace depended on her kids napping undisturbed.

Away from home, meanwhile, brings added peace of mind on a family weekend away, or a date night for two.

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