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A Different Type of Resolution for a Different New Year

As a new year begins, it's natural to start thinking about the usual New Year's resolutions. Exercise more. Get better sleep. Eat healthier meals. Quit a bad habit.

What if you tried a different approach this year? After all, 2020 was a year of doing things differently. Your family worked at home, relaxed at home, learned at home, shopped at home and adapted your home to manage it all. You likely spotted the potential for a quick home improvement to help balance things.

So why not equip your home to help you achieve this year's goals? With technology, it's easy.

Finding balance means protecting your time

If finding more balance is on your resolutions list, prioritize the moments that matter. That means taking time back from busy-work and spending it on activities you enjoy.

New Years Resolutions 2021 3 gives you new ways to save time and energy throughout the day. You can put your home to work for you with automatic and intuitive security, lights, locks, heating and more.

Leaving home for a family activity? Just tap your app's Away Scene to have your garage door close, lights turn off, thermostat adjust, and security system arm itself. When you return, Geo-Services ensures a warm welcome and a well-lit home, automatically.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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Staying connected makes a difference

You may be seeing more of your loved ones at home, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're communicating more. It's easy to get wrapped up in work, school, or other activities and forget to check in with each other. You can change that, though.

Back to School Security 2020 1

While you're busy in the home office or out running errands, take a moment to check in with a two-way voice conversation through your video cameras. Even a short chat a few times a day can help you feel more connected.

Preparing for emergencies brings peace of mind

Spending more time at home this winter probably means you're noticing home safety updates that you need to make, such as new smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. You can take care of those and much more with an updated, professionally installed home security system.

New Years Resolutions 2021 2

As well as knowing that everything works, you'll enjoy total protection with smart home safeguards and professional monitoring. If there's a fire or carbon monoxide leak, your thermostat will shut off for your safety, and your monitoring service will alert your local 911 dispatcher.

Resolve to look forward to something new

Be kind to yourself this year. After the trials and tribulations of 2020, we all need something to look forward to. Why not start planning a trip that you delayed in 2020, or find the class that you've been wanting to take? Maybe your family will grow, or you'll start a new job.

Whatever the coming year has in store, you'll be ready for it. And, with, so will your home.

To get started, click below. Happy New Year from the team!

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