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How Helps Your Family in a Power Outage

Have you had a power outage this year yet?

Most power outages are just inconvenient, but every homeowner knows that longer outages quickly become uncomfortable, or worse. In the height of summer, for example, a long outage can be dangerous for families with newborns or seniors in the household, and can require a temporary move to a hotel or family member's house where the temperature is comfortable.

In these events, most homeowners have to make an educated guess on whether to wait the outage out, or undertake the expense of a temporary relocation. With smarter home security from, however, you can make an informed decision.

Know the situation with outage alerts

If a power outage at your home lasts for more than ten minutes, you'll get a smartphone alert from your security system, showing a percentage of nearby homes that are also without power.

A smaller percentage indicates that the outage is local – maybe one or two downed power lines in your neighborhood. A larger percentage indicates that the problem is widespread, potentially taking longer for emergency crews to fix.

To confirm the extent of the outage, go to your app; you'll see a button that opens an interactive map of the outage. By zooming in and out of the map, you can see exactly how widespread the outage is.

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Enjoy peace of mind while the power's out

With an accurate view of the extent of the power outage, you can make a call on whether to wait it out, or relocate. Whichever option you take, you can rest assured that your home's security is uncompromised. Power Outage Protection.jpg's dedicated cellular connection means that your security panel (with 24-hour battery backup) will still signal for help if there's an emergency at your home, and send you alerts and images as usual. It doesn't matter if your broadband or phone line is down, because's signal doesn't piggyback on those connections.

Know when the power returns

If you do relocate, helps you stay on top of the situation at home without needing to call your neighbors or drive home to check.

You can check your app's power outage map anytime for a real-time update—and when your power is finally restored, you'll get an immediate alert letting you know that things are back to normal.

Power outages are just one of the weather-related events that helps you handle. To find out more about protection from the elements, click here.

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