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The FDA calls the temperature range between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit the "Danger Zone." Within this window, harmful bacteria can reproduce rapidly, turning food from fresh to toxic in a matter of hours. A fridge door left open, or a heat bulb going out in a hot case can quickly turn hundreds or thousands of dollars of inventory into an expensive liability.

It's bad enough to have to throw out unusable product. It's a downright disaster if you make someone sick.

Bacteria can double every 20 minutes in the "Danger Zone," so time is of the essence. Despite that, many restaurants and grocery stores still rely on employees to manually take temperatures and write them in a log. This makes them vulnerable to human error, and even if the measurements are accurate they're typically only taken once an hour.

Keeping track of sensitive temperatures doesn't have to be so risky, however. Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring from helps you monitor multiple temperature zones, in real time, from anywhere.

It's simple to set up, and even easier to use. Install remote sensors in the environment you need to monitor, then access their readings from your temperature monitoring dashboard in the app. You'll get email, SMS and push alerts triggered by customizable temperature limits, so you'll know the instant that something goes wrong. Historical reports can be generated in a matter of seconds, giving you insight into temperature changes over the course of days, weeks or months.

According to a recent study by data analytics firm Parks Associates, 29% of small and medium-sized businesses already use a smart thermostat like the ones designed by in their retail or office locations. However, while smart thermostats are a great way to manage heating and cooling, they don't cover freezers, fridges, or other highly specific temperature zones. Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring allows you to keep an eye on multiple areas of your business that aren't controlled by your smart thermostat, and to access all your temperature information from one app.

The same Parks Associates study found that on average, SMBs using a smart thermostat estimate the device saves them 10% on their energy bills. The cost savings from not getting a customer sick? Priceless.

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And, while real-time temperature monitoring is great for keeping food safe, it's also valuable for any business that needs to keep certain areas within a specific temperature range. The sensors have a range of -4°F to 122°F, which can be expanded to an impressive -22°F to 158°F with the addition of a waterproof probe.

They can also be placed up to 1.2 miles from your panel, so you can easily keep an eye on storage facilities, greenhouses, or other out-of-the-way places. Whether you're a pet store that needs to keep lizards warm, a plant nursery that needs to keep seedlings from getting too cold or an IT server warehouse that needs to keep equipment in an optimal temperature range, Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring keeps you in control and out of the "Danger Zone."

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