10 Ways You Can Depend on Alarm.com for Business

How reliable is your business security system?

If it sounds the alarm in an emergency, it's reliable... in one sense, at least.

Unfortunately, if that's all it does, you're missing out. Today's smart business security systems take care of so many different things that their owners view them as essential business tools. As well as working in emergencies, they work around the clock to make your job easier and protect your people, property and peace of mind.

Here are ten things you can rely on an Alarm.com-powered security system to do:

1: Keep you connected

With its own smartphone app, Alarm.com for Business gives you a direct line of sight to your business and the ability to control things from anywhere, making security challenges simple to solve. Did an employee forget their access code? Just use your app to remotely unlock the door and disarm the security system, then watch them go inside.

2: Remember the important things

Business Security Access Control Locked.jpg

You might not forget much, but others do. Alarm.com has your back with proactive alerts and reminders. If an employee forgets to lock up, or turn the alarm on when they leave, you can get a smartphone alert with its own "Lock" or "Arm" button. Just tap the button once, and Alarm.com will secure the business. If you prefer, you can set up auto-arming to have your system arm itself automatically at the same time every day.

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3: Tell you what's going on

As well as security reminders, Alarm.com can alert you about virtually any type of activity it detects, with custom filtering options that ensure you only get the alerts you want. You can get alerted if an off-limits area is accessed, if your business opens early or late, if a display cabinet is left open, or if the temperature isn't right.

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4: Show you what's going on

Business Security Video Retail 1.jpg

Knowing is good; seeing is better. With Alarm.com's smart video monitoring for businesses, you can get video clips of important events. If there's an alarm in the night, you can see what's going on through a live video feed on your phone—potentially saving yourself a long drive for a false alarm.

5: Make access easy for employees…

Alarm.com's smarter access control replaces keys with smart locks, keycards and user codes, all managed from a single tab in your Alarm.com dashboard. Say goodbye to keys and embrace the ability to quickly set up, customize and revoke access for incoming and outgoing employees, all from your Alarm.com dashboard.

6: And keep access points extra secure

Business Security Access Alert Auto Shop.jpg

As well as making things easy, smarter access control gives your business a new layer of security safeguards. You can have doors lock automatically at closing time, or when you arm the security system. Access-specific alerts will help you keep an eye on restricted areas, letting you know who went where, and when.

7: Pinpoint problems and their causes quickly

With proactive alerts and integrated activity tracking, Alarm.com helps you address problems without having to play detective. Your dashboard's activity timeline makes it easy to pinpoint the time of a unwelcome or suspicious event—for example: a door being propped open—and view video footage of the event to identify who you need to talk to.

8: Minimize energy waste when no one's there…

Business Security Smart Thermostat 2.jpg

Ever walked into your business first thing in the morning to discover that it's been cooled to chilly perfection all night long? An integrated Alarm.com smart thermostat recognizes when your business closes every day, and turns itself down automatically to save energy and money until you re-open in the morning.

9: …and keep temperatures sensible during work hours

Your employees don't pay the energy bill, but they can inadvertently increase it by cranking up the AC or blasting the heat as they work. Alarm.com helps keep things under control with local thermostat restrictions, which let employees adjust the temperature, but only within a pre-set range, as well a complete "local lockout" option.

10: Keep on delivering ROI every day

Whatever your business, you can rely on Alarm.com technology to keep things secure, streamlined and simplified every day. And with a single service provider for everything, it's easy to get started.

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