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How to Create a Santa Alert For Your Kids

We all know that Santa visits every year, and on Christmas morning the empty plate of cookies and a note from the big guy himself makes it all the more special.

Now, your security system can add an extra touch of magic with a custom smartphone alert confirming that Santa's visited. It's easy to set up. Here's what to do.

1: Designate a Chimney Sensor

On Christmas Eve, log into and click into the Sensors card on your homepage.
Santa Alert 1-001.jpg

Pick a contact sensor that's easy for you to activate. In this example, we'll use the back door.

Santa Alert 2-001.jpg

Click the sensor name and rename it "Chimney". Don't have a chimney? "Santa Sensor" will do.

Santa Alert 3-001.jpg

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2: Set up a notification

Go to your Notifications tab, then click New Notification.

Santa Alert 4-001.jpg

Under the Standard tab in the pop-up box, you'll see a Sensor Activity option. Click on it.

Santa Alert 5-001.jpg

Check the Chimney box, then add yourself as a recipient and save the notification.

Santa Alert 6-001.jpg

3: Santa's here…

Before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, open the back door. The contact sensor will trigger a timestamped smartphone alert, reporting that the chimney sensor was activated. Now go to bed quickly, before the real Santa comes.

4: Amaze the kids!

When your children wake you at 5.30 on Christmas morning, show them the alert and watch their faces light up. Merry Christmas!

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