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A Security Solution for OBX’s First Distillery

When friends and business partners Adam Ball, Scott Smith, Kelly Bray, and Matt Newesome decided to open a distillery in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they knew that security would be a priority.

“One of the requirements of getting a distilled spirit plant permit is making sure that we have adequate security so that there is no endangering theft of the product,” says Ball, adding that storing spirits prior to selling them requires a federally bonded warehouse. That, coupled with the value of the distilling equipment and the security requirements of running a bar, meant the owners of Outer Banks Distilling needed to find a solution to meet their diverse needs.

They needed a security solution that would simplify their lives. “You're already stressing when you're starting a business or running a business,” says Ball. The building that houses Outer Banks Distilling is a historic property in the main commercial section of Manteo, North Carolina.

“We came into an old building that obviously didn't have any security system at all,” says Smith, adding that they reached out to a trusted local security dealer for guidance on how best to safeguard their new business. The dealer suggested using’s products for intrusion, access control, and video surveillance.

The result has been a security system that’s more than the sum of its parts. Adding a new employee to the system only takes a moment, and the four partners can easily check in on their business remotely without having to make the 20+ minute commute to the shop. Keypad locks allow employees and owners to come and go without worrying about keys. “If I locked myself out at 4:30 in the morning, I can get back in without having to call anybody down here to drive a half hour before they’ve had their coffee,” says Smith.

Having all their security functions integrated into a single app has helped run their business more efficiently. Since Outer Banks Distilling opened in 2015, has helped them avoid some of the headaches associated with starting a business.

“To make the investment with a [security] company that provides the technology definitely takes a load off.” says Ball. “To alleviate some of that stress and have the accessibility that we do with the program. It's a world off your shoulders to be able to be distant from your business…this gives you a way of being there without being there.”

Get for Business for Business technology is professionally installed and serviced by commercial business security experts. They will make sure whether it’s one or many locations, your business is taken care of.

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