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How to Set an Reminder

Did you lock your front door this morning? Are you absolutely sure?

It's unfortunate that the very idea of forgetting to secure your home can make you uneasy. But if you had an reminder set up, you'd never have that doubt again.

A reminder based on your schedule or location ensures that you always keep your home safe and secure. Here's how to set up reminder that lets you know if you forget, and enables you to secure your home remotely with one tap on your phone.

1: Start a new notification

Log into and go to the Notifications tab. Click the New Notification button.

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2: Choose your notification type

You'll find a wide range of pre-customized reminders to choose from. In this example, we'll set up an Arming Reminder, which lets you know if you leave home without arming your smart home security system.

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3: Set your notification time

Set your notification for a time shortly after the last person typically leaves your house. If the system isn't armed by this time, you'll get an alert. If the system isn't armed by this time, you'll get an alert.

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If you have Geo-Services set up, you have the option of triggering the alert when you leave your home's geo-fence.

4: Set your notification days and add recipients

Choose the days of the week when you want this notification in effect. You don't want this alert when you're sleeping in during the weekend. Once you've selected your days, click the Add Recipient button and choose whose smartphone you want the alert to go to.

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Now save your notification and you're done! You'll never have to wonder whether you forgot to secure your home again.

To find out more about alerts and notifications from, click here.

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