Review: A Severe Weather Alert Saved Our Lives

One year ago, a powerful tornado hit central Arkansas.

Randy Norman, an user and service provider, lived directly in its path.

Warned by a Severe Weather Alert from their Smart Home Security system, Randy and his family took shelter in the bathroom of their home just before the tornado struck. He credits our service with helping save his and his family's lives. Click on the video to watch Randy's story.


We generate Severe Weather Alerts by examining real-time data from the National Weather Service and then sending a signal to security panels in homes that are in the path of dangerous storms, wildfires and tsunamis.

Smart Home technology should solve real problems and challenges, and Severe Weather Alerts are just one example of how's technology makes your home and family safer.

Our Smart Home Security solution looks out for millions of homeowners, keeping them aware of what's happening at home and beyond. On the night that the tornado hit Randy's house, for example, we alerted 18,000 other homes in Arkansas. This tornado was part of a series of severe weather events lasting several days, during which time we delivered 113,000 Severe Weather Alerts to subscribers across 16 states.

Randy emerged from shelter with his house devastated but his family safe. "This wall was blown in on us," he points out. "The exterior wall was completely gone. "

"This service saved our lives," he says.

We thank Randy for sharing his powerful story with

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