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Secure Your Home In One Touch With Actionable Alerts

The best reminders are ones that come with an instant solution. With, that's simple.

Actionable Notifications are one of the most exciting features of our new Apple Watch app, and this feature is now available with our iPhone app and coming soon to our Android app.

They let you take care of something you forgot to do back home in a single touch.

Did you leave your garage door open when you left for work? You'll get a notification on your wrist with a button that allows you to close the door instantly.

With a glance and a quick tap, your home is secure.

When combined with our exclusive Geo-Services location based automation, these alerts offer the ultimate in home security.

Using your location as a trigger, Geo-Services from alerts you if you've left your home without securing it. From the alert - either a pop-up or a message in the notification center - you can secure it right away, wherever you are, without opening the app.

This new capability extends to your security system, locks and garage doors. Here's what just got easier:

Arming Your Security System

Protecting your home begins with professionally monitored security, and arming reminders will help make sure your system is always on when you're away. Just tap the button to arm it and protect your home.

Locking Doors

This one tells you that you left a door's smart lock unlocked. Tap to lock it!

Securing the Garage

Hey, you left the garage door open. It's easily done. Tap to close it!

To take advantage of the new alerts, you'll need to turn these rules on in your app. For a quick explanation of Geo-Services, click here.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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