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Meet the Only Smart Home App You Need

Although smartphone users have 2 million apps at their disposal, it's rare to find one that truly streamlines and simplifies your life.

Take smart home technology. It's great to control a device with an app, but when you have to download a separate app for each connected device in your home, you end up with a complicated mess, reminiscent of those days when you had five remotes on your coffee table.

There is a better alternative: a smart home security system powered by It connects an entire ecosystem of smart home devices together and comes with a single app to interact with all of them.

You can access and control not only your security system, but also a smart thermostat, door locks, lights, the garage door and more. When you open the app, your smartphone becomes a command center for your entire home.
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Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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