How a Smart Home Makes Your Whole Family Happier

Does your family have a lot going on at home? A Smart Home can make things easier for everyone.

The Smart Home has recently become family-friendly. It's easy to operate, affordable, convenient, energy-efficient and professionally installed and supported.

No longer just for technology enthusiasts, the Smart Home is becoming a must-have for homes, with real benefits that every member of your household will appreciate.

Let's take a look.

Vigilant Dads

Traditionally, Dads are often the ones who wear the ‘security hat' in the family. That's a tough hat to wear. Keeping the home safe from threats ranging from burglars and floods to energy waste can feel like a full time job. A Smart Home Security system makes it easier to do it all, and enjoy life too.

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An system gives you professional security monitoring, so you know there's help on the way if there's an emergency. For everyday security, our top rated mobile app will remind you if you leave the house unsecured and keep dad in control of all the connected devices around the home.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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Multi-Tasking Moms

Often juggling work and family, modern moms are doing it all. A Smart Home lightens the load and keeps you connected to what's going on, even when you're away.

Need to give last-minute access to a babysitter? Log into and create a unique one-day user code to your smart lock. Need to keep track of your teen when you working late? Create a user code just for them (everyone can have one) and a smartphone alert will let you know when they arrive home. Even if you need to hit the road for a business trip, you can stay a little closer to everyone.

Smart Teens

Teens want independence. Parents want to know they're safe. A Smart Home can help you find the middle ground. Mom and Dad can make sure everything's okay without intruding.

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If an older teen wants to stay home next time you travel, Smart Home Security can provide extra peace of mind. Alerts will let you know when they are coming and going, and you and your teen will rest easier knowing that your home's protected with professionally monitored security. For additional reassurance, you can even add video monitoring for a visual check-in from time to time.

Connected Kids

Parenting, it's said, requires eyes in the back of your head. We can't give you those, but we can give you sensors in every room that can let you know what's happening all around the home for a safer, more energy-efficient place.

A contact sensor on your back door can trigger your thermostat to set back if the kids leave it open, reducing energy waste. You can also place one on any door or drawer you want to safeguard: a medicine or liquor cabinet, an office drawer, the door to the toolshed or the gate to your pool.

And, for the kids, a Smart Home is fun. Staying connected to the things you love – such as pets – is something kids can enjoy just as much as adults, and they will love showing off a Smart Home to their friends.

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