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Five Ways Smart Home Security Fights Crime

Crime Prevention Month has arrived. This year, why not become a top crimefighter?

It's easier than ever. You won't need a mask, or a Batmobile, or even a grappling hook. You'll just need a smartphone (red is optional) and an security system.

Once it's installed in your home… well, that's it. You can take a nap, or go to work, or watch TV, while's smarter home security technology protects your home, family and neighborhood. Here's how.

It alerts you to everyday security risks

Property crime is often opportunistic. A thief will take advantage of a garage door that's left open, or a window left unlocked. prevents these situations by automatically reminding you if you leave your home unsecured.

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Leave your garage door open when you go to work, and you'll get an actionable reminder on your smartphone, prompting you to close it remotely. You might forget; doesn't.

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It's a powerful deterrent to criminals

Most burglars will avoid a home with a security system. A 2013 study confirms that most burglars check for alarm signs and security cameras when selecting a target, and that most will go elsewhere if home security technology is present.

An security system is a particularly effective deterrent because of its dedicated cellular connection, which can't be disabled by cutting a wire.

It summons help to your home in an emergency

Should a burglar enter your home regardless, your smart home security system protects you proactively by alerting your central monitoring station. A trained security professional will assess the situation and dispatch law enforcement to your home.

Even if the burglar disables your security panel, your system will signal for help regardless, thanks to's Crash and Smash protection.

It helps the police identify and catch crooks

Burglars and bogus callers often return to the same neighborhood over and over. Catching them on an security camera can provide a breakthrough for your local police—in some cases identifying them outright.

It's easy to check footage from an security camera or smart doorbell. Video clips are delivered to your smartphone, and also stored in the cloud, making it simple to find, view and share your video with law enforcement.

It protects your whole neighborhood

Might your crime-fighting home displace crime to your neighbors' houses instead? Quite the opposite, says another study, this time by Rutgers University.

Instead, your smart home security system's deterrent actually extends outwards, protecting your neighbors' homes as well as yours. The more systems there are in your neighborhood, the more likely it is that thieves are deterred from the area completely.

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