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How a Smart Home Helps You Get to Work On Time

Parents: how's your morning routine right now? If you have young school-age kids, it probably just got hectic with their back-to-school schedules colliding with your own.

There's a smart way around the stress: a Smart Home Security system. As well as protecting your home and family, it can shave precious minutes off the time it takes to get everyone out of the house.

Here are three features you'll love at least twice a day: once as you leave and once again when you arrive at work on time.

One-touch security: a faster exit

Ushering your kids individually out of the front door is a smart move when the clock is ticking. But you still need to do the last-minute security walkthrough of the house: windows, garage door, security system.

With, you get to do both at once. As your kids file outside, check the screen of your smartphone app that shows you the status of your doors and windows, and if everything looks good, close your door and lock your smart lock. Your security system will arm itself and then proactively turn off your home's smart lights, and close your garage door as well.

If you're typically the first one in the car, no problem. With your smartphone app at the ready as the last child stumbles out of the front door, a couple of taps will remotely lock your door and trigger all of the above.

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Smartphone reminders: no turning around

Did you know that noise can negatively impact a person's attention to detail? Of course you did; you're a parent. So when the kids are getting ready for school and clamoring out the front door, it's easy to forget to secure the house.

With, your system will send you a reminder that you left the house unsecured, along with the option to secure it remotely. A tap on your app locks your home down and you can continue in confidence.

Automatic ‘away mode': smart savings in no time

When you're in a hurry your energy bill is the last thing on your mind, which is why takes care of it for you. understands when you're at home, away, or asleep, and creates a profile to help you save energy on heating and cooling when you don't need it. It also reacts to what you're doing in real time, so that you can still save energy even when your schedule is unpredictable.

Geo-Services—the same feature that reminds you to secure your house—uses your smartphone location to tell your thermostat that you've left. It will set back to ‘savings mode' to save you energy. Later, when you're on your way home, it signals your thermostat to turn back up to ‘comfort mode' for the right temperature when you arrive. You won't notice except when it comes to your energy bill.

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