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There's a Smarter Way to Irrigate Your Lawn

How smart is your yard? If you're an homeowner, you can already use your smart home security app to light your yard, see what's happening in it, and even prevent your family from accidentally cooling it with your AC.

Now, you can use to control and monitor your water sprinklers too.

Connected irrigation controllers are asmart home improvement, giving you better control of your water use and automated water savings on rainy days. We've integrated connected controllers from two top manufacturers—Rain Bird and Rachio—into our smart home platform and device ecosystem, enabling you to remotely control and monitor your irrigation alongside your security, HVAC, lights, locks and other devices, with your app.

With a Rain Bird or Rachio controller connected to your security system and app, you can:

Quickly check your irrigation status


When you're away from home, you can incorporate your lawn into your regular check-ins. Your app will clearly show you the status of your irrigation system alongside your security system, locks, lights and other devices.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe.

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Take control from anywhere

If you need to take your irrigation off-schedule, you can use your app to start or stop watering in real time, or to pause a schedule. If part of your yard needs extra water, gives you the option to turn on any sprinkler zone for a specified additional period of watering.

Avoid water waste when it rains

If it's raining at home, you can use your app to put your sprinkler system in "Rain Delay:" an automatic savings mode that saves you watering an already-watered lawn.

Want a smarter lawn this summer?

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